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eyelash extensions

We believe that eyelash extensions are an art form. We offer various styles, lengths, and thicknesses to perfectly suit each client's unique set of eyes. We proudly carry the most celebrated brands in the lash world such as, LashBox LA, Sugar Lash, Misencil, and Bella Lash.

We've recently created many products of our own keeping them all cruelty-free, vegan, and locally designed & distributed.

If you are unsure of the style that suits you best, ask one of our extensions experts, she will assess your features and help you decide on the perfect set of eyelash extensions!

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classic eyelash extensions

blended eyelash extensions

volume eyelash extensions

mega volume eyelash extensions  


full set $155

fills starting at $65+

full set $200

fills starting at $82+

full set $220

fills starting at $95+

full set $250

fills starting at $130+


please note:
fill prices are determined by the state of your eyelash extensions at your appointment and how many weeks it has been since your lash fill or initial full set.

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