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We believe that your eyes are truly the windows to your soul and should bring youth and life to your face.

With eyelash extensions, eyelash lift & tinting, and eyebrow shaping, you can accentuate your most beautiful & personal feature.

We offer various eyelash extensions styles, lengths, and thicknesses to perfectly suit each client's unique set of eyes.

We proudly carry the most celebrated brands in the eyelash world such as, Lost Artistry, LashBox LA, Refectocil and Ellebana.

We've recently created many products of our own, keeping them all cruelty-free, vegan, and locally designed & distributed.

For more information about our waxing products, visit our "waxing" services page.

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eyelash extensions

classic eyelash extensions  $155

classic fills starting at  $65+

blended eyelash extensions  $200

blended fills starting at  $82+

volume eyelash extensions  $220

volume fills starting at  $95+

mega volume eyelash extensions  $250

mega volume fills starting at  $130+

eyelash extensions removal  $22

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eyelash lift (perm) & tinting

& eyebrow services

eyelash lift  $90

eyelash tint  $30

eyelash lift & tint  $100

eyebrow tint  $18

eyebrow & eyelash tint  $40

eyebrow shape & tint  $37

eyelash lift relaxation  $70

*please note that our fill prices for eyelash extensions are base pricing.
fill pricing is determined by the state of your eyelash extensions
upon arrival to your fill appointment, the style you are hoping for, and the experience of the technician.

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