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eyelash extensions certification course

Looking to become certified in the beauty industry? One of La Boutique's top priorities is education. We are working hard on developing courses for our community that will inspire, uplift, and boost your confidence in the beauty industry.

Check out our start-up and upgrading courses in eyelash extensions training below.

More education to come!


Our next Sand & Stars Classic Eyelash Extensions Course is:

We are only offering private lessons and upgrading at this time. Give us a call or email us at for more information or to become a student.

Sand & Stars Classic Eyelash Extensions Training 

-for beginners-

Who is it perfect for?

Anyone looking for a sure way into the beauty industry. 

Anyone looking for specialized, specific, expert training in eyelash extensions.

Anyone interested in becoming a certified eyelash extensions technician.

Anyone who likes the idea of becoming their own BOSS and/or starting a small beauty business in their home.

What does it include?

This course is a two-day, packed full, specialized course in classic eyelash extensions technique & methods.

During the two days, you will receive a take-home manual full of our tips, tricks, and techniques.

You will receive a kit full of enough supplies for over 50 eyelash extensions applications. 

You will gain access to our private social media groups for group Q&A, inspiration, and more. 

Everyone who trains with us receives discounts on eyelash extensions products.

Lifetime support & advice from your trainer.

What comes in the kit?

Everything you need for over 50 eyelash extensions applications. In every kit you will find:

Undereye patches

Classic eyelash extensions 8mm - 12mm

Tweezers & case


Extensions shampoo

Medical tape

Eyelash Brushes

Lint-free applicators

Eyelash Adhesive

After-care cards for clients

Eyelash mirror


Eyelash fan

Eyelash tile

Extensions remover

Microfibre brushes

Face masks

Tool sanitizer

How much does it cost?

$1,500 plus taxes

A non-refundable deposit of $500 must be paid prior to the course to reserve your spot.

Sand & Stars Volume & Pre-Made Fans Eyelash Extensions Upgrading

-advanced training- 

Who is it perfect for?

This upgrading course is designed for eyelash technicians who have been previously certified in classic training.

You do not have to be certified previously with Sand & Stars to take this upgrading course.

What does it include?

This is a short 4 to 6-hour upgrading class. One-on-one, personalized training that includes a mini take-home, manual and a small kit that includes:

Tweezers & case

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Pre-made Volume Fan Eyelash Extensions

Undereye patches

Quick drying adhesive

Microfibre brushes


Eyelash brushes


Lint-free applicators

After-care cards for clients

How much does it cost?

$600 plus taxes

(a non-refundable deposit of $300 is required to book your one-on-one course)

Email us at or call us at 250-656-1789

to inquire about our next course dates or to schedule one-on-one training

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