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Find your dream hair here at La Boutique! Our hair extension​s technicians will work with you to create longer, fuller, picture-perfect hair with custom installation and precise colour matching. We currently offer two styles of hair extensions, hand-tied weft and nano links. For more information and pricing, keep scrolling!


We are beyond excited to be housing "Bloom Hair Extensions" by Em Robertson. Em specializes in the most natural-looking (and feeling) hair extensions on the market. Nano-Link hair extensions are the smallest, most discreet hair extensions on the market. There is no glue, heat, or braiding involved, this means no damage to your natural hair and a quick, clean reinstallation process.

Nano-Link extensions are colour matched with precision then installed quickly and efficiently based on each client's unique hair dreams. These small individual strands are installed in clean rows so that they can move naturally with your hair. Each strand of hair weighs 0.8 grams for a lightweight feeling on the scalp. These hair extensions can be worn by ALL hair types, but are especially attractive for thin hair because of their lightweight! 

How does it work?

Triangular shaped sections are created in lines around the scalp for the most support and evenly distributed tension. Your natural hair is pulled through a silicone-lined nano ring then the extension tip is inserted into the ring and clamped together. 


consultation (required)

nano links full installation 

reinstallation of existing

nano link extensions

hand-tied weft 

(by senior hairstylist, Elyse)





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